Printed matter, digital publications, and comics.

Vessel (2024)

A breaking point.

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Cyanotypes (2024)

An in progress collection.

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Sour (2023)

A short comic about winemaking.

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The Experience of Human or Divine Love Seems Inevitably Grounded in Pain (2023)

A Pathologic fancomic.

"3 by 3 by 3 recursively. It's that structure itself that is also supporting the symbolism and helping link form between ideas for the audience: Spider-webbing cracks appearing, the symbols of achievement taking on an organic cast, the violence of disease and broken glass, messy desperation, and then decay. Intense, layered, and in keeping with the way canon operates so heavily through metaphor and implication."

— NeurotropicAgentX

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Legible Only As A Simile (2023)

Tango for three.

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Cyanotypes (2023)

Single and double-pass cyanotypes.

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Utopia Literary Journal, Vol. 2: Dream Architecture (2023)

As a whole, this literary journal connects topics from the videogame Pathologic with relevant topics from art and history. Volume 2 focuses focuses on buildings that were either unbuilt, or were at risk of being unbuilt.

Lissitzky's Wolkenbügel project, the Paper Architecture movement, and the Melnikov House are discussed in conjunction with the development of the videogame series Pathologic, as well as the in-game architecture of the Oneirotects.

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Seashell Zine (2022)

Mementos from two lovers.

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Incomplete Image (2022)

A zine that plays with cutouts and hidden figures.

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Utopian Scrapbook 2 (2022)

A photocopier zine that explores love, memory, ephemerality, and the futility of language.

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Death of Farhad (2022)

This project looks at the character Farhad from Persian literature.

Specifically, it looks at how his death and narrative significance has evolved as the story that he is a part of has been adapted to different cultures, time periods, and mediums.

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Utopia Literary Journal, Vol. 1: Artists, Architects, & Dreamers (2021)

As a whole, this literary journal connects topics from the videogame Pathologic with relevant topics in art and history.

Volume 1 brings together works from fans and connects them with art and writing from outside of Pathologic, with a focus on exploring the narrative significance of the characters Andrey Stamatin, Peter Stamatin, and Daniil Dankovsky.

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